A Trimester Guide by Dr Neelima Mantri

A Trimester Guide by Dr Neelima Mantri
0 3 October 2017
A Trimester Guide by Dr Neelima Mantri

Every day is a new and mystifying adventurous during pregnancy. As a tiny precious life is building up in your bodies, they may be some uneasy and complications during the time. It is up to us to take proper care and be aware of what happens. Dr. Neelima Mantri, one of the best Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Doctors in Mumbai, advices you what should be done on which trimester.

First Trimester (1 – 13 weeks): The first weeks are the vital time for the establishment of the baby. Your body will be busy building the baby and will grow faster in this stage than later on.


  1. Make sure you are really pregnant. Do not conform just by symptoms, because these aren’t unique to pregnancy. Go for a home tests or an official one by a doctor.
  2. Take prenatal vitamins. Consume folic acid capsules which helps in the heathy development of foetus.
  3. Should begin searching for a doctor.
  4. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol because it raises miscarriage problems.
  5. Start eating healthy foods and avoid hazardous foods.
  6. Thing about how to announce your pregnancy and start taking belly photos.

Second Trimester (14 – 26 weeks): You look more plump than bump in this stage. It is an amazing phase when a mom feels her baby’s movements and free from morning sickness and fatigue. The growing baby will be around 11.5 cm by week 16 and tiny tooth buds will start bulging by week 20. The mother will experience more noticeable changes like abdominal expansion, body aches, stretch marks, patches of darker skin, numbness, swelling happens. A very thin hair will be developed and their little sensitive ears respond to noises through the rest of the second trimester.


  1. Join in a pregnancy-friendly work out class or do it at your home with an expert’s guidance.
  2. Take prenatal visits and tests. Go for an ultrasound, when you are likely to see the traces of baby.
  3. Shop for maternity clothing. It is important to wear comfortable clothes which offers a room to grow. Most pregnant women actually look pregnant in between 12 to 18 weeks. You may need different types of maternity clothes in different stages, so buy fewer pieces.
  4. Play soothing music, talk to your little honey as they could respond to your voices.

Third Trimester (27 – 40 weeks): Final trimester and the awaiting for your baby is shorten now! Some discomforts from second trimester will continue and difficulty in breathing is added. As the baby grows bigger and puts the pressure on your nerves, the urge to go to the bathroom is even more often. Trouble sleeping, tender breasts, signs of false labour, feel of baby dropping or moving lower in the abdomen are new body changes you might notice. As the due date gets nearer, your body gets ready for birthing process.


  1. Thing about what to carry to the hospital and get packed everything.
  2. Prepare for baby’s arrival. Shop for your little one from tiny furniture to clothes.
  3. Plan the birth.
  4. Have short walks to help you through contractions.

Nurture positive-ness throughout the pregnancy and vision for a healthier baby.