Trichomoniasis Treatment in Mumbai

Trichomoniasis Treatment in Mumbai
0 22 March 2022
Trichomoniasis Treatment in Mumbai

Trichomoniasis is the common type of curable sexually transmitted disease that is caused when an individual is infected with a protozoan parasite called Trichomonas Vaginalis. While itching and burning sensation post ejaculation are the common symptoms of the disease in a few cases individuals may not be aware of the infection until symptoms show up.

Also called a Trich, Trichomoniasis is the most common STD around the world. Though it rarely causes problems, when left treated it increases the chances of getting other STDs. So it is always advised to get the right treatment for Trichomoniasis. But how does identify Trichomoniasis? We are here to help.

What are the symptoms of Trichomoniasis, what causes Trichomoniasis? How does one get it and what are the treatment options available? With the input of the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri let us know answers to these FAQs about Trichomoniasis from this blog here.

What causes Trichomoniasis? How does one get infected with Trichomoniasis?

 A protozoan parasite called Trichomonas Vaginalis causes Trichomoniasis, also called Trich. An infected individual can infect another individual through sexual intercourse (both vaginal- vaginal and penile-vaginal). Anal or oral sex and genital touching may also cause Trichomoniasis.

Symptoms of Trichomoniasis:

One of the reasons why Trich has become the most common STD is that the individual infected by Trich may not even know about the incidence of infection. Symptoms even if present will show up within 5 to 28 days of the infection and most people ignore them. Some of the common symptoms of Trichomoniasis in men include burning sensation at the urethra, itching or irritation inside the penis or near the urethra, pain after urination or ejaculation.

As for women the symptoms of Trichomoniasis include green or yellowish vaginal discharge, genital itching or burning, pain or burning after urination or sex, sometimes even cases of bleeding after sex are identified.

When to see a doctor for Trichomoniasis?

Since most patients do not notice any symptoms and ignore the condition. However, patients are advised to consult gynaecologist a soon as they notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, says female gynaecologist in Mumbai Dr Neelima Mantri.

Treatment for Trichomoniasis:

Physical exam and lab tests conducted by gynaecologists diagnose Trichomoniasis. Gynaecological treatment for Trichomoniasis mostly includes oral medications that kill the condition. Consistent application of the medications for 5-7 days prescribed by Trichomoniasis kills the infection but both partners have to undergo the treatment.

The couple also has to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 7 days for the medication to get rid of the infection. The treatment must be followed up with consultation every 3 months to ensure the infection did not make a comeback.

Trich can infect individual multiple times and with Trich the individual becomes vulnerable to STDs (even AIDS). One can reduce the risk or even prevent Trich by using condoms, limiting the sexual partners and frequently getting tests done. If you are living in Mumbai and need more information on Trichomoniasis or looking for gynaecologist treatment then Dr Neelima Mantri is the best gynaecologist in Mumbai for Trichomoniasis treatment and you can contact her here: @Call +917045115577