Prenatal or Pregnancy Yoga: The Must Do List For a Fit Body

Prenatal or Pregnancy Yoga: The Must Do List For a Fit Body
0 30 May 2018
Prenatal or Pregnancy Yoga: The Must Do List For a Fit Body

It is during the period of pregnancy that women are more prone to health effects like constipation, backache, nausea, Incontinence , Aching Feet,Exhaustion , Muscle Spasm, Varicose Veins and Moodiness. These are the side effects of pregnancy that can keep women from staying fit and healthy. Pregnancy Yoga, better known as Prenatal Yoga can be the ultimate remedy for pregnant women to stay agile and fit. Here are some pregnancy yoga recommended by gynecologists.

  1. Butterfly Pose and Squats are recommended for 1st These yoga exercises will keep your thigh muscles, lower and upper back and the legs relaxed and also help to improve the blood circulation to ensure the baby’s proper growth. Your abs and the gluteal muscles are also strengthened, in which case, there is no extra pressure on the spine.
  2. Kegels and Standing Crunch are the yoga exercises recommended for the 2nd These exercises help to prevent bladder problems and ensures that the delivery is easier. The abdominal muscles stay relaxed and there are fewer chances of spasms during the pregnancy period.
  3. Swimming and Bicep Curls are recommended for the 3rd These exercises help the joints of the body to stay relaxed and strengthens the arm muscles which is essential during the postnatal period. The buoyancy of the water helps the body muscles to stay toned.

Any good gynecologist will recommend yoga exercises for pregnant women, but all exercises are not for all women, in which case, you will need to consult a gynecologist for following the right exercises. Strengthening the body muscles, especially the abdominal, leg, back and thigh muscles are necessary to enhance the chances of a normal birth of the baby. It is recommended that these yoga exercises be performed for the first time under the supervision of a physical instructor.

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