Macrosomia Causes Symptoms & Complications

Macrosomia Causes Symptoms & Complications
0 13 July 2022
Macrosomia Causes Symptoms & Complications

On average, babies weigh between 2.3 kg and 3.8 kg at birth. Macrosomia is a medication that is used to describe a baby that is born with a weight greater than 3.8 kg. This higher weight usually makes the delivery difficult and increases the risk of health problems for the baby later in life. So what causes this Macrosomia and how does it impact Macrosomia on the health of baby and mother?

With the input of the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri, let us find out in this blog here:

What Causes Macrosomia?

On average 10% of the babies are born with Macrosomia in India. The common causes in these cases always tend to be medical conditions like diabetes and obesity in the mothers. Macrosomia can also happen in mothers who are free from these two conditions if they gain too much weight during pregnancy, have high blood pressure during pregnancy or conceive after 35 years of age.

“Gestational diabetes also tends to result in Macrosomia in mothers free from above conditions”, says lady gynaecologist in Mumbai Dr Neelima Mantri.

What are the symptoms of Macrosomia?

Symptoms of Macrosomia are straightforward – babies weigh more than 3.8 kg at birth which usually results in difficult delivery for the mothers. A gynaecologist can diagnose Macrosomia during the pregnancy by ultrasound, amniotic fluid level, biophysical; profile and height of fundus (uterus to pubic bone).

Impact of Macrosomia on Mother’s Health:

As mentioned earlier Macrosomia can result in difficult delivery which can further impact the health and wellness of the mother. Macrosomia increases the duration of labour, increases the chance of C-section and may also result in oxygen difficulties for the baby. Injury to the vagina, uterine rapture and excessive bleeding are three common conditions usually suffered by mothers in this case.

Problems caused by Macrosomia to the baby:

Difficult delivery may eventually injure the baby in the process. In a few cases, the baby’s clavicle or shoulder gets stuck in the birth canal leading to a fracture. Babies born large are more prone to developing metabolic conditions – high blood pressure, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. “They are also at high risk of developing heart diseases and diabetes in the long run”, says the best obstetrician in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri.

What to do when diagnosed with Macrosomia?

If you are a woman with a pre-existing medical condition it helps a lot to seek the help of an expert gynaecologist to plan out the pregnancy with active monitoring of health levels.

Diet and health activity levels are found to have a positive impact until certain stages in pregnancy. If you are a pregnant woman diagnosed with Macrosomia, it is advised to seek help from a gynaecologist in improving your current health. Also, it helps to consider C-section options, and specialized care for monitoring the baby’s health post-pregnancy.

By actively monitoring the health conditions of the new-born and monitoring the health into adulthood, the complications of Macrosomia can be controlled and even prevented to a greater degree. If you are in Mumbai and are looking for a lady gynaecologist with expertise in Macrosomia you can contact Dr Neelima Mantri here:


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