Foods to Prevent Common Gynaecological Problems

Foods to Prevent Common Gynaecological Problems
0 12 December 2018
Foods to Prevent Common Gynaecological Problems

The body of women is as complicated as it is wonderful. From the time it reaches puberty the body adapts itself to develop a healthy reproductive system. Yet, every woman in the world, at some point of time suffers from gynecological problems.

In most of the cases these problems can be easily treated, so there is nothing embarrassing about having your health checked when your encounter slightest of problems down there.

So, what are the common gynecological problems?

Dysmenorrhea (Abdominal Cramps), Yeast Infections,  Urinary Tract Infections, Menopause,  Endometriosis, Leucorrhoea (excessive discharge), Pelvic Inflammation and more.

All these problems can be treated in most cases but what if you can decrease the risk of these common gynecological problems altogether?

Yes, you can drastically improve your chances of preventing these problems by an adopting a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet. So here are some common gynecological problems foods that can help you prevent them:

Menstrual Cramps:

Foods you eat a week before your period or even during a period can help you alleviate the pain of those notorious cramps. Studies have confirmed Omega-3 can help women reduce their period pain. Being essential fatty acids, Omega-3 are anti-inflammatory and that is good for relieving general pain.

Food to eat:  Fish is an extraordinary source of Omega-3 that you can include in your diet.Fish also is filled with Vitamin D that can help you absorb calcium in your body and also Vitamin B6 that can help you deal with irritability and breast tenderness. For vegetarians, Walnuts and flax seeds make good sources of Omega-3

Urinary Tract Infections:

Urinary Tract Infection is another common problem suffered by women. As the Urinary Tract Infection involves bladder system, you must be wary of foods that irritate the bladder lest they worsen your condition. So make sure you stay away or moderate your consumption of sugars, spicy food, and alcohol.

Foods to eat: Cranberry juice is an age-old remedy that helps cure UTI.  Fermented foods, Green tea, Probiotic food, and plant-based protein also found to help alleviate the condition of UTI.

Yeast Infections:

Almost 75% of the women experience yeast infections in their genital area and out of which 45% suffer it multiple times. Uncontrolled diabetes, Antibiotics, Immune system disorders, Hormonal therapy, or other causes could ruin the healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina to trigger these infections.

Foods to eat:   Probiotic foods with active bacteria cultures (Yogurt), Garlic and Curcumin coupled with the low-sugar diet they can help you restore the balance of the vaginal bacteria and cure the infection.


One in every 10 women suffers from endometriosis, a condition in which the tissue that is usually found inside uterus grows outside Uterus, causing painful periods and bowel movement, heavy bleeding and even infertility in some cases. There is certain food which is found to decrease the symptoms of this endometriosis in women.

Foods to eat: Make sure your diet is filled with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish. Avoid red meat, limit caffeine, alcohol and cut down the processed foods.

A healthy and nutritious diet lays a solid foundation for a healthy reproductive system. Diet can drastically improve the chances of leading a healthy life when formulated as per the condition of the patient. So we request you to Consult an Expert Gynaecologist who can help you chart out the right plan for you.

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