Counselling and Guidance for Contraception in Mumbai by Dr. Neelima Mantri

Counselling and Guidance for Contraception in Mumbai by Dr. Neelima Mantri
0 24 August 2020
Counselling and Guidance for Contraception in Mumbai by Dr. Neelima Mantri

Most of the newly married couples today who wanted to start their family often have doubts about contraception. Given they wanted to focus on their career and take their own time before they start a family, contraception and family planning have become one of the most discussed topics for couples today.

Contraception methods, though the definition looks simple, the act of contraception has many elements like safety, effectiveness, and availability. So counselling and guidance for contraception very important for newly married couples to tread the waters of contraception.

Dr. Neelima Mantri, the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, is often consulted by the newly married for counselling and guidance for conception and contraception and she has helped thousands of couples along the way. To make it easier in this blog here we wanted to provide basic information about contraception. Here are some of the basic contraception methods with essential pointers for reference:

Emergency Contraception:
Emergency contraception is the most common contraception method that is used by couples. It is needed most in times of unforeseen situations like fail of normal contraception (condom splits), missing contraceptive pills or injection, or unprotected sex.

Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP), Copper IUD are two types of emergency contraception methods available today. ECP is approved to be taken within 3 days of the unprotected sex and is 98% effective in warding off the unwanted pregnancy. If the weight of the women is more than 70 Kgs, Copper IUD is mostly preferred and it comes with 99% effectiveness.

Hormonal Methods of Contraception:
Hormonal methods are more effective contraception methods where hormones are used to stop or regulate the ovulation to prevent pregnancy. Hormones are introduced into women’s bodies using various methods like contraception pills, skin patches, and injections, vaginal rings, intrauterine or implantable methods to stop conception. While the mode of hormone introduction remains the same, different types of hormones are used in the form of short-acting hormonal methods and combined hormonal methods based on the end goal and effectiveness in curbing the unwanted pregnancy.

Barrier Contraception:
Barrier contraception methods like condoms and internal condoms are the most common, simple, and common contraception methods that were available since eternity. But male and less-known female condoms are not the only barrier methods available for contraception today. A cervical cap that is placed to cover the cervix to block sperm cam act as an effective barrier method with increased efficiency. So does vaginal sponge method where a sponge contains spermicide (kills sperms) is placed inside the vagina for at least 6 hours after intercourse can help stop the conception too.

While the three basic temporary contraceptive methods for women can be classified into the above three types, each class has a versatile number of contraceptive options that can help women achieve effective contraception. If you need more details about contraceptive methods and are looking for Counselling and Guidance for Contraception in Mumbai, Dr. Neelima Mantri is the best lady gynaecologist in Mumbai who can help you. You can contact her here: