Cervical Dysplasia Treatment in Mumbai

Cervical Dysplasia Treatment in Mumbai
0 27 January 2022
Cervical Dysplasia Treatment in Mumbai

The precancerous condition in which there is abnormal cell growth on the surface lining of the cervix, opening between the uterus and on the vagina is referred to as cervical dysplasia. Even though women below thirty years of age are most prone to this condition, it can affect women belonging to any age group. Getting a routine test from your gynecologist specialist helps diagnose it at the right time.

Causes of Cervical Dysplasia

One of the most common causes of cervical dysplasia is the human papillomavirus (HPV) in cervical cells. While the immunity system of most people is efficient enough to get rid of such a virus, the infection can still manage to survive in a few cases.

HPV is most commonly transmitted from one person to another sexually. This includes vaginal, anal, and oral intercourse. Even though it is primarily a sexually transmitted virus, it is also capable to spread by contact with the skin.

Treating Cervical Dysplasia

Just as in the case of any medical condition, the treatment options for cervical dysplasia also depend on the severity of the condition. For instance:

  • > Mild cervical dysplasia: in most cases, the treatment of mild cervical dysplasia only consists of continuous pap tests and close monitoring of the infection growth. In the case of women belonging to the older age group, no clinical treatment is recommended unless there happens to be some medical complications.
  • > Moderate to severe: women suffering from a moderate to severe level of cervical dysplasia should consider one of the many treatment options available to them. One of the most common treatments for such cases is the removal of excessive cells to prevent cervical cancer.

If a woman is suffering from mild cervical dysplasia for more than about two years, they should consider getting it treated too. Few treatment options offered to women by any famous gynecologist seeking treatment for cervical dysplasia are:

  • > Cone biopsy
  • > LEEP
  • > Cryosurgery
  • > Electrocauterization
  • > Laser surgery

Preventing Cervical Dysplasia

Even though the treatment options do exist in the case of conditions such as cervical dysplasia, one should always take preventive steps so that the condition does not exist in the first place. Hence, here are a few preventive steps to avoid having this condition as suggested by the leading female gynecology specialist reports:

  • > Indulge into safe sex practices, like ensuring the use of condoms
  • > Quit smoking, as it weakens the immunity system
  • > Get vaccinated


The worst part about suffering from cervical dysplasia is that no visible symptoms are indicating its presence. It is often diagnosed while getting a routine pap test. Women who get the diagnosis in the early stages of cervical dysplasia end up recovering soon. When the diagnosis and treatment are not done in the right time frame, this condition tends to turn into cervical cancer.

Hence, it is always advised to visit the gynecologist at regular intervals to avoid this issue altogether. Dr Neelima Mantri is the most well-known and reputed lady gynecologist in Mumbai, and one should consider booking timely appointments with her. Her warm guidance and expert skills make her one of the best specialists in her field, and hence is a go-to option for most women.