Breech baby Causes & Complications | Dr Neelima Mantri

Breech baby Causes & Complications | Dr Neelima Mantri
0 18 February 2022
Breech baby Causes & Complications | Dr Neelima Mantri

In a normal pregnancy, days before the delivery, the baby turns upside down, ready for delivery with his head towards the birth canal. But when the opposite is seen where the feet of the baby are towards the birth canal, it is the case of a breech baby, resulting in a breech delivery. Breech delivery has its complications for both the baby and the mother.

There are different kinds of breech pregnancies depending on the position of the baby in the womb, namely, footling breech, complete breech and frank breech. But in all three cases, the baby’s head is away from the birth canal while the feet are nearer to it.

Causes of breech pregnancies

Doctors have still not found the exact causes that result in breeching of the baby but APA (American Pregnancy Association) has mentioned a few reasons which can result in breech pregnancies. And many top gynaecologists have also approved the following causes.

  • > The amount of amniotic fluid greatly influences the movement of the baby. Either there can be more fluid or less than it is in normal pregnancy. In either case, the baby has got a lot of movement facilities or has got no such facility at all.
  • > The shape of the uterus also determines the position of the baby inside the uterus. A normal uterus is inverted pear-shaped. Any diversion from the normal shape leads to breech pregnancy.
  • > If the woman has had the premature end of the gestation period (pregnancy).
  • > Also, a case of multiple pregnancies can lead to the breech baby being born.


Breech pregnancy can result in severe complications both to the mother and the baby.

  • > There can be issues faced during delivery as the baby might get stuck between the birth canal
  • > Increased risk of lesser oxygen supply via the umbilical cord, as it might get automatically cut-off at the time of delivery
  • > A child has very delicate and soft bones at the time of birth. Breech delivery might result in breaking or further weakening of bones of the baby.
  • > Lack of oxygen via the twisted or flattened umbilical cord might result in nerve or brain damage of the baby.

These were the major complications that can be faced due to breech pregnancies.

Is turning possible in breech pregnancy?

In the case of breech pregnancy, gynaecologists usually recommend the cesarean birth of the baby. But if the mother wants to go with vaginal birth then, there are methods through which the baby can be turned upside down inside the womb. Essential oils are used to simulate the turning of the baby. Women also try some common home remedies for turning the baby like standing on their hands, etc.

Final Overview

However, since breech pregnancies come with fatal dangers it is better to consult with a good gynaecologist. Dr Neelima Mantri is the best female gynaecologist in Mumbai. You can contact her and follow her advice to keep the mother as well as the baby safe.

She has been a saviour to hundreds of couples and helped them to give safe births in case of a breech pregnancy. She’s the top gynaecologist in Mumbai. You can also reach out to her if you’re experiencing multiple pregnancies, or any other issue is coming in between your child’s safe birth. To keep the mother and child safe is her topmost priority.

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