The Best Parts of Pregnancy

The Best Parts of Pregnancy
0 9 March 2019
The Best Parts of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the best phases in a woman’s life. Along with the bad stuff like morning sickness, weight gain etc, there are certain good things which a mother-to-be enjoys during her phase of pregnancy. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Feeling baby move: The whole idea of life growing inside you itself makes you feel good. When the baby starts moving inside, it signifies the connection between the mother and the baby. So when you feel your baby moving, that can make you feel happy
  • People are nicer: People are nicer to you nice they see that you are pregnant. They help you out in lifting heavy stuff, hold doors for you and even smiles at you which can make your day better
  • Baby hiccups: A pregnant woman can understand when the baby gets hiccups. Here will be movement in every ten seconds or so. Some may enjoy this feeling as the baby movement reminds you of your motherhood and the unborn child whom you love a lot
  • Whole second trimester : This can be one of the best phases in your entire pregnancy as you don’t feel like throwing up or sick, your belly is not that big, you can sleep well and even eat the food you  like without much issues
  • Nesting: Once you start thinking of baby names as your baby keeps growing, you may also plan to get cradle, clothes and other essential baby care. Selecting such things and preparing it to welcome your bundle of joy can make you feel happy and excited
  • Hair of a goddess: Pregnancy can do wonders to a woman’s body. It can make your skin glow and make you feel your hair strong. The hair volume can also increase as the hormones in your body are active and at its peak during pregnancy. Thus if you have strong and silky hair, you will definitely feel happy and good
  • Buying things for your baby: It can be wonderful to plan on what you will buy for your baby and when you buy it for the baby. Warm blankets, baby clothes, basic cleaning essentials, buying all these can make you feel excited that your baby will be joining you soon as a new addition to the family
  • Pregnancy being the best excuse: Pregnancy can be your best excuse to avoid doing certain things which you do not like. If you do not like to cook, you can blame it on pregnancy as feeling of sickness or any other excuse and people around you would actually believe it, thinking of you and your baby’s health as top priority

After you undergo the process of labour and when you get to see your baby, that’s the most joyous occasion! You may feel wonderful when you have a healthy baby in your hands as you have experienced the perks and drawbacks of handling the initial stage of pregnancy, motherhood!