The Best Nausea Remedies for Morning Sickness

The Best Nausea Remedies for Morning Sickness
0 10 October 2017
The Best Nausea Remedies for Morning Sickness

Joy, relief, shock – the let-out emotions when you know that you are pregnant. But it is also important to realize that this period is a roller coaster which shows the worst your body can do.

The most common symptom of early pregnancy is morning sickness; this condition is called so because morning is often the time when you feel queasy.  According to Dr. Neelima Mantri, Gynaecologist in Navi Mumbai, being pro-active is the first thing to escape nausea.  Very few women are fortunate throughout the pregnancy without a single bout of nausea, but some women (more than 65% across the world) are unlucky. There is no particular pill to completely cure nausea, but there are remedies to cure it. We give you some clean and effective remedies to help you from the queasiness experience.

Stay Hydrated: Most pregnant women complaints that they find it hard to drink water especially in the first trimester. But keeping hydrated is as important as taking some good medication. Try to consume any kind of water-type liquids, avoid drinks with artificial sweeteners. Sip water in regular intervals of time throughout the day. Natural fruit juices and flavoured water are the alternatives to try.

Ginger: Take ginger in any type. It is one of the most popular home remedy ingredients for morning sickness. Tea which made of Ginger or grate some fresh ginger to hot water and mix lemon and honey to taste. Boil the solution to a point when the aroma comes out. Take ginger capsules thrice a day or ginger lollipops, ginger candies if you have a sweet tooth. At the same time, excessive ginger intake will give you negative impact on the labour.

Avoid Empty stomach: Do not put our stomach empty for long time. Because the emptiness produces acid and this cause more nausea. Always be handy with some crackers, piece of chocolate, cakes and veggie salads beside your bed to munch. Don’t start the day with a hollow stomach, instead ask your partner to bring a hot drink with a healthy toast. Taking 5 -6 smaller meals is a good idea to keep your energy levels up and sickness down.

Go for Ayurveda: This mild abdominal discomfort can be cured by mood diversion. Some women develop the sensation just by the look and smell of the food. There are some ayurvedic medicines available in the market to curb nausea, but it is advisable to take only after proper prescription.

Aromatherapy: This is one of the most favourite treatment for morning sickness for most of the pregnant ladies. However, there are variety of opinions on the matter whether to use essential oils in pregnancy or not. Purchase one kind of mild essential oil initially and diffuse it in a larger area and inhale. Increase the volume according to your tolerated level. Anyway, it is advised to talk to your doctor if you are first timer in using the oils.

Follow these tips for morning sickness during pregnancy before it could affect you hard to be a happy mom-to-be.