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Bartholin’s cyst Symptoms and Causes

Bartholin’s cyst Symptoms and Causes
0 22 March 2022
Bartholin’s cyst Symptoms and Causes

The human body is a very complicated machine. Infinite vessels, multiple critical organs, a lot of bones, a network of nerves and what not fit into a small framework. To master the human body a lifetime may not be enough, such is the complicated build of the human system. This is the reason specialists exist, a bone doctor, a skin specialist, a brain surgeon, etc. every department is handled by different people no matter where you go.

A common man may be forgiven for understanding the human body any more than a doctor who studies for years and this is why a lot of people may not even come to know that they are suffering from a disease or an ailment till it’s too late.

Thus, today we talk about one of the problems that bother women, especially pregnant women who might not know how commonly they are affected by such problems. The problem in the spotlight is Bartholin’s cyst and we now look at the symptoms and causes of this condition.

Bartholin’s cyst

In the women’s labia there exists a Bartholin’s gland. This gland during the pregnancy tends to swell up in up to 2% of cases. When the glands swell it develops cysts which may make walking painful. This cyst is Bartholin’s cyst and it can also cause pain during intercourse.

What are the symptoms of Bartholin’s cyst?

These cysts are not visible usually when they are small in size. However, they mostly pop up on either side of the labia minora and trouble the woman during sitting, walking and intercourse. If the cysts grow bigger then they can cause immense pain to the person suffering from it.

Causes of Bartholin’s syndrome?

The cause of Bartholin’s syndrome remains to be unknown. There are guesses of what possibly causes this issue and there is a debate that it is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the vagina that has gotten partially blocked or it is the E Coli and other bacteria/sexually transmitted infections that are to be blamed for causing this syndrome.

Where to head for treatment?

Obstetricians in Mumbai or Gynaecologist in Mumbai can deal with such issues. Since it is a pregnancy and women related issue it is best left to them to deal with these. The line of treatment can be decided before the person gets on the table. A proper consultation is needed before the women can go ahead and get the treatment and the best consultancy and the best lady gynecologist can be found on the internet.

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