Arrhythmia in Pregnancy – Everything You Need to Know

Arrhythmia in Pregnancy – Everything You Need to Know
0 19 October 2023
Arrhythmia in Pregnancy – Everything You Need to Know

Arrhythmia is a medical term for an irregular heartbeat, where the heart beats too quickly, too slowly, or in an uneven, out-of-rhythm manner. An irregular heartbeat leads to decreased blood flow to organs, reduced oxygen delivery, the development of blood clots, and, in severe cases, it may cause heart failure and stroke.

“The possibilities of these complications depend on the severity or type of the Arrhythmia. But Arrhythmia during pregnancy doubles the risk of these complications, as both the mother and baby may be impacted by this medical condition,” says a female gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr. Neelima Mantri.

Arrhythmia can happen in women even with no underlying heart conditions. During pregnancy, it can increase the risk of blood clots and stroke and may even result in premature delivery when proper treatment is not taken, adds Dr Neelima Mantri, the best obstetrician in Mumbai, who has treated hundreds of arrhythmia cases in Mumbai.

But what causes arrhythmias, how do we know the symptoms, what are the treatment options available? We have asked Dr. Mantri the most frequently asked questions on Arrhythmia. Read on to know her answers.

Arrhythmia in Pregnancy: Causes

As mentioned earlier, arrhythmias can occur during pregnancy, even in women who do not have any underlying conditions. There are multiple reasons for Arrhythmia during pregnancy. A few of them include:

Hormonal fluctuations: The woman’s body goes through intense hormone fluctuations during pregnancy, which may impact the heart’s electrical system, leading to Arrhythmia.

Increased blood volume: Pregnancy increases the cardiac output and pumped blood volume. This may put additional stress on the heart, leading to a loss of rhythm in the heartbeat.

Physical changes: The expansion of the uterus may slightly impact the positioning of the heart, which may eventually lead to changes in the heart’s rhythm.

While the above three are the most common causes of Arrhythmia, other factors such as electrolyte imbalances, emotional stress, medication and supplements, and even genetic factors may cause Arrhythmia during pregnancy.

Arrhythmia in Pregnancy: Symptoms

Because it can occur to anyone without any underlying condition, it is essential to be aware of the symptoms of Arrhythmia during pregnancy. Some of the most common symptoms of Arrhythmia include palpitations, dizziness, and shortness of breath, chest pain, anxiety, and fatigue. All the symptoms of Arrhythmia are also general symptoms of pregnancy, which makes it challenging to identify the condition. So, it is always essential to consult a gynaecologist with complete information about one’s health,” says the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr. Neelima Mantri.

Arrhythmia in Pregnancy: Treatment in Mumbai

The treatment for arrhythmias during pregnancy is based on the specific type of Arrhythmia that women experience, the severity of its outlook, and the mother’s overall health, all considered before designing the treatment plan for Arrhythmia in pregnancy.

The standard treatment options for Arrhythmia in pregnancy include medications, lifestyle modifications, cardioversion, catheter ablation, defibrillator implantation, or even pacemaker, based on the severity of the symptoms. Given the potential for complications, close monitoring of pregnant women is critical to ensuring good health. So, if you are in Mumbai and looking for a consultation with a gynaecologist to provide complete information, you can contact a best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr. Neelima Mantri here.