10 Amazing Things that Babies Do Inside the Womb

10 Amazing Things that Babies Do Inside the Womb
0 7 June 2017
10 Amazing Things that Babies Do Inside the Womb

This blog is intended for mothers who are always curious to know what their babies are doing inside the wombs. Here are some 10 amazing facts about what babies do inside the womb while mothers keep on struggling against the symptoms that arises from time to time as the baby keeps growing by days and weeks.

  1. It is in the ninth week during pregnancy that the unborn child starts to breathe through the umbilical cord and acquires the required life skill in order to adapt to the outside environment.
  2. A baby inside the womb starts to show signs for preferring sweet flavors at the beginning of the 15th week with more intake of amniotic fluid.
  3. Babies will start responding to light signals with opening and closing their eyes during the period between the 27th and 28th week during pregnancy.
  4. It is by the end of the first trimester that the baby starts urinating after swallowing amniotic fluid. Mothers can feel the weeing of their babies during the 30th week of their pregnancy.
  5. 4D scans have revealed that it is around the 26th week during the period of pregnancy that an unborn baby starts to smile. This is another life skill which the baby acquires when preparing to meet the outside environment.
  6. Mothers can feel their baby hiccuping just at the beginning of the first trimester, but this is always not the case. Some mothers may not feel it at all while some mothers may feel it daily.
  7. A baby starts crying just at the moment when they come out of the womb, signaling that there is proper flow of oxygen. You will be amazed to learn that babies begin to cry inside the womb, which is yet another life skill that they develop before birth.
  8. It is somewhere during the third trimester that a baby within the womb starts responding to outside noise. Signs of responding include a mild kick or a jerk, which mothers may or may not feel.
  9. Mothers may feel amused by watching through ultrasound images, their baby yawning when inside the womb.
  10. It is during the last 10 weeks during pregnancy that babies within the womb become busy bonding with the mother, when they start listening to the voices of the mother.

Mothers become already bonded with their babies well before they give birth and have the best experience in their life when bringing up their child.