Cesarean Delivery Doctor Mumbai

0 30 September 2016
Cesarean Delivery Doctor Mumbai

Are you looking for best cesaraen delivery doctor Mumbai? Then, Dr. Neelima Mantri is great choice for you. Basically, she is MBBS Obstetrician ,Gynecologist in Mumbai having experience of 10 years in her field. She promie you to give best and quality service at very affordable rates. Cesarean is a type of surgery which is used to deliver more than one baby. This type of delivery takes 45 minutes to one hour. According to Dr. Neelima reasons for Cesaraen delivery are:

  •  A woman having more than one fetus in her womb.
  •  If complications in labour occur, such as labour is not progressing normally
  •  If health of infant is in danger.
  •  If fetus is too large.
  •  If there is breech presentation.
  • If mother has infection such as HIV or herpes.
  •  If there is any problem with placenta.

During this procedure, the young one is delivered through cuts in mother’s abdomen and uterus. After completion of this surgery the womb is then close with stitches that later dissolves. This surgery is safe but it has various complications and risks too. It can raise various medical problems and also lead to difficulty in further pregnancy. Also young ones who deliver with cesaraen delivery faces more breathing problem as compared to vaginal delivery. But, beside all things Dr. Neelima and her whole staff give thei