Healthy Pregnancy in Your 40s – Know It

Healthy Pregnancy in Your 40s – Know It
0 3 May 2018
Healthy Pregnancy in Your 40s – Know It

If you are one of those contemplating for bearing a child at the age of 40, there can be words for encouragement provided you are aware of some of the basic facts that relate to pre natal and post natal issues. Here are some facts that you need to know before you conceive.

  1. Consultation with your gynecologist is important because there are certain immunization which should be done that include vaccination. Alternative medications should be consumed instead of those which may be harmful during pregnancy. It is advisable to wait for a month after immunization before conceiving.
  2. Exercises are recommended during pregnancy that include aerobics and exercises for increasing flexibility and resistance. Even light weight lifting is also recommended, besides swimming, yoga, stationary biking and walking.
  3. A healthy diet is essential for pregnant women as important it is to stay away from intake of caffeine, smoking, alcohol and other drugs which may be harmful.
  4. If you are taking fertility drugs to increase the chances of conceiving, there is a possibility of having twins or even triplets.
  5. Chances of abnormalities in birth can be reduced by carrying out certain tests like the NIPT (Cell Free DNA) test. There are other tests to detect birth defects, which is suggested for women planning to bear a child at the age of 40.
  6. A close monitoring of the fetus is absolutely essential throughout the period of pregnancy so as to prevent the chances of miscarriage and other abnormalities that can arise during this period.

In order to follow these recommendations, you will need to consult your gynecologist or any other doctor so that you are able to prevent any mishaps. After all, you will need to hold on to your patience, because fertilization of eggs takes a lot of time for older women unlike in the case of  younger women.

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