Best Doctor for PCOS Treatment in Mumbai

Best Doctor for PCOS Treatment in Mumbai
0 13 June 2018
Best Doctor for PCOS Treatment in Mumbai

PCOS stands for poly cystic ovary syndrome .It is a problem takes place in female in which her balance of hormones get disturbed. Hormones are secreted out of limit. It can cause difficulty with your periods and create problem in pregnancy. PCOS also cause changes in way you appear.If pcos is not treated at proper time then it leads to serious health problems like heart diseases and diabetes.

Women  suffering from PCOS having cysts in her ovaries. That is why it is called “polycystic ovary syndrome”. These cysts does not harm your health but cause problem in hormone secretion.Early diagnostic and proper treatment help to control the symptom and prevent long term problems. PCOS can be passed either from mother’s side or father’s side. If you notice such changes in yourself then you see a doctor for proper PCOS treatment. Dr Neelima Mantri is best PCOS doctor in Mumbai. She advice that the problem of PCOS eliminates if early proper treatment is performed. Symptoms  of pcos tend to be mild at first. You may have only a few symptoms or a lot of them. The most common symptoms are:

  • Acne.
  • Weight gain or trouble losing weight.
  • Extra hair on face or body.
  • Irregular periods.
  • Fertility problems.
  • Depression.

Patients with PCOS who desire child bearing and do not conceive naturally may require ovulation drugs and assisted reproductive techniques to help them conceive.Above all patients with PCOS require a boost to their confidence as they may have serious emotional issues with their hair growth, acne and obesity. So prevent PCOS problem as a proper treatment from Dr Neelima Mantri (PCOS doctor  Mumbai). She provide good counselling and motivation beside medical approach to these patients to meet their goals.

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