Is PCOS Caused by Being Overweight?

Is PCOS Caused by Being Overweight?
0 17 November 2017
Is PCOS Caused by Being Overweight?

Wondering what PCOS is, it is a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The condition caused in women when the sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone are unstable and above in level than usual. This follows the growth of ovarian cysts and affects menstruation cycle, fertility and changes in the body shape. Women with this hormonal disorder have higher level of male hormones and insulin resistance. Hence, they are at high risk to diabetes, cardiac arrests, sleeping disorders and uterine cancer.

Now comes to the immediate question, is PCOS causes overweight and why? Yes, it does. It is also wise versa, PCOS can result in overweight and being obese can cause PCOS. However, some clinical researches states it is not clear that PCOS is the direct cause for overweight in women.

As it is said, people who have PCOS are less sensitive to insulin, it is difficult to convert sugars to starch .i.e; foods to energy. Since the hormone fails to convert insulin to energy, it results in high insulin levels in the body and increases production of male hormones. Typically, the fat remains more in the abdomen subsequent in an apple shaped body for the woman who is suffering with PCOS.

What to do to keep you out from PCOS.

As there is no cure found to treat PCOS, some lifestyle changes can eliminate the medical disorder and make you feel better.

Regular Weight Checks: Keep track of your weights, even if you are not in the obese category. Control the diet and regular exercises reduce 5 to 10% of the overall weight.

Exercises and Diet Plan: What you eat is what you are. Incorporate exercises and craft clean eating meal plan into your routine. Consume foods which are rich in magnesium and iron, they also help to get key nutrients into your body.

Base on Natural Diet: Many wellness couches suggests to take natural diet like Apple cider vinegar tonic, whole foods, raw cacao and of course yoga.

Dr Neelima Mantri, top gynaecologist for PCOS Treatment advice not to take birth control pills to get back to normal periods cycle. She says the pills does not actually stop a woman from PCOS, it only masks the symptoms, but the cysts continue to grow behind. Dr. Neelima adds that most of the women don’t know what exactly is PCOS and often confused with the myths. She states down the most common myths.

1 PCOS condition always causes cysts in the ovaries. This is always the case. PCOS sufferers with high symptoms does not have cysts.

2 PCOS is a lone factor for Irregular menstrual cycle. Due to various factors, many women fail to ovulate.

Birth control pill is the cure for PCOS. As said earlier, pill does not cure but only acts as a management tool which masks the problem.

4 PCOS is irreversible. It is often reversible.

If you don’t want to be one in 10% women victims of PCOS, consult Dr. Neelima Mantri, best doctor for PCOS treatment in Mumbai and take an appointment.