Ovarian Cyst Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai

Ovarian Cyst Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai
0 9 June 2021
Ovarian Cyst Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai

Ovarian cyst laparoscopic surgery is used to remove cysts from either of the ovaries from a woman’s body. It is also called ovarian cystectomy. A cyst is an abnormal growth in the ovary which is filled with liquid. The normal cysts do not cause any pain, but if they do, they need to be removed from the uterus with the help of laparoscopy.

The cysts usually disappear from the uterus, and there is no need for an ovarian cyst laparoscopic surgery. The patient needs to remain watchful. She does not need to go for immediate treatment. If the cyst does not disappear even after four months, the woman needs to undergo an ovarian cyst laparoscopic surgery.

If the cyst does not disappear, the patient undergoes surgery.

However, the treatment depends on several factors. These are:

  • > The size of the cyst.
  • > The cyst is causing pain in the uterus.
  • > There is a possibility that the cyst will cause cancer in the uterus.

Procedures for the cyst removal from the ovary:

There are two procedures for the removal of a cyst from the ovary.

1.      Laparoscopy:

In a laparoscopic procedure, many small incisions are made on the abdomen of a woman’s body. Special surgical equipment, with a small camera, is inserted through this incision. A gas, usually carbon dioxide, is blown into the pelvis. It allows the doctors to look at the reproductive organs of the body.

Once laparoscopic surgeons locate the cyst, they cut it into smaller pieces. After doing it, they remove it from the uterus. A dissolvable stitch is used to cover the incisions made on the woman’s abdomen. Laparoscopy is preferred by the patients because it takes less time to operate. It is also a less painful method for cyst removal from ovaries.

2.      Laparotomy:

In laparotomy, a single big incision is made on the woman’s body. It is because laparotomy is performed when the cyst size is quite sizable, and there are chances of cancer. In this procedure, the whole ovary is removed and sent to the laboratory for diagnosis. If cancer is found in the ovary, doctors prescribe further treatment to the patient.

What happens after surgery:

The naval area and abdomen become sore after the surgery. Patients also feel pain in their back due to the gas placed during the procedure. The stitches dissolve on their own. Also, some discharge is released from the patient’s vagina. The above problems are usual, and they disappear after a few days.

The surgeons of ovarian cyst Mumbai advise to not soak the incisions in the water. It creates the risk of infection in the incisions.

However, the patient should immediately call the doctor if she:

  • > has a fever greater than the normal threshold.
  • > feels severe vomiting.
  • > sees redness or irritation on the incisions.
  • > is suffering from acute abdominal pain.

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