Menstrual Disorder Treatment Mumbai

Menstrual Disorder Treatment Mumbai
0 25 October 2016
Menstrual Disorder Treatment Mumbai

Dr. Neelima Mantri is well known for menstrual disorder treatment Mumbai. She is gynecologist and obstetrician specialist in Mumbai. She has experience of over 10 years in her field. Menstruation is a process which is necessary for women to become pregnant. Without menstruation, it is impossible for women to get fertilize. Menstruation is a process in which ovaries of female lays ovum (egg) once in month. This ovum is full of blood vessels. If this ovum does not get contact with sperm then it secret out body of female in form of blood. This process is known as menstruation. After sexual activity, if this ovum gets contact with sperm then it becomes fetus which results in a baby.

But there are many disorder or irregularities happens in periods such as heavy bleeding, no periods for few months and many more. Some menstrual problems can cure by proper consultancy and treatment. Dr. Neelima works on many successful cases in which she treats some menstrual irregularities. Some of main menstrual disorder and irregularities are:

  • Heavy or prolonged menses
  • Irregular menses
  • Vaginal bleeding following sex intercourse
  • Delayed, scanty menses
  • Absent menses i.e.- amenorrhea
  • Post-menopausal bleeding
  • Painful cramps
  • Light or infrequent menstruation

Dr. Neelima Mantri works on all above and rest of other menstrual disorders and gives you best treatment within your niche.  After getting treatment from her you notice change in yourself.  According Dr. Neelima following are some food items that female should take in menstruation to reduce pain:

  • Eat Dark Chocolate
  • Tea
  • Avoid Caffeine
  • Avoid too much sugar
  • Eat fresh dill
  • Eat sesame seeds

Dr. Mantri is also expert in laparoscopy, PCOS, gynecological treatments, caesarean delivery, minimal invasive surgery, infertility, endometriosis, MennoharGia and much more. For free consultancy and appointment you can call Dr. Neelima Mantri on given number and get result oriented menstrual disorder treatment Mumbai .

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