Itching and Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Itching and Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy
0 18 March 2021
Itching and Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful yet very complicated painful times. The complications that arise during pregnancy are not any joke. There is body pain, vomiting, nausea, mood swings, and whatnot. We face issues that we aren’t even aware of. One of these complications is itching during pregnancy or medically known as intrahepatic cholestasis.

This itching is actually a result of a liver condition that occurs in the late stages of pregnancy. What actually happens in this condition is that it starts intense itching in various parts of the body, but without a rash. The most common areas where Itching occurs are the hands and feet. The biggest issue of Cholestasis of pregnancy is that it can make you extremely uncomfortable due to the constant itching.

This condition is not merely a condition of itching, but it can be a reason for complications with the baby as well. This condition is also an indicator for you to reach experts like Dr. Neelima Maitri in order to resolve the issues related to it and also understand whether there are any risks posed or not.

Common symptoms-

The most common symptom of stomach itching during pregnancy is obviously heavy itching in the abdomen area. Apart from that, there can be other issues like skin problems, nausea, no hunger, weakness, and other things.

The above-mentioned symptoms are not only associated with stomach itching but also with other types of intrahepatic cholestasis. The itching usually gets worse at night and may even cause trouble in sleeping. This in turn leads to weakness as well.

Treatment of itching during pregnancy-

The main purpose of any expert gynaecologist will be to prevent complications to your baby. They will first mainly focus on the health of the baby and will try to take all the measurements possible in order to ensure that intrahepatic cholestasis doesn’t cause any harm to the baby. This is also what you would want for your baby. The itching is the second priority of the doctor.

After ensuring that the health of the baby is okay, then the doctor will focus on the treatment of itching during pregnancy. They will prescribe you medications and lotions that will ease the itching. It is a very dynamic area and thus we will always recommend you to contact experts like Dr. Neelima Maitri in order to resolve your issue.

It is always in the favour of you and your baby to be in continuous contact with the gynaecologist. Not just the condition of itching but also regarding each aspect of pregnancy. When you obtain services from the industry’s renowned experts like Dr. Neelima Maitri, you will have benefits like regular consultations, check-ups, the resolve of any minor-major issues, etc.

Think of having a gynaecologist as an investment for your beautiful future. A certain level of care during the 9 months will lead to you enjoying the whole life. Why so much importance is given to these services is because they have the ability to stop any minor or a major issue in its tracks.