How to Treat Severe Stuffy Nose during Pregnancy?

How to Treat Severe Stuffy Nose during Pregnancy?
0 6 February 2023
How to Treat Severe Stuffy Nose during Pregnancy?

Even the healthiest of women tend to suffer from stuffy noses that don’t seem to go away. If you are a woman reading this then know that stuffing noses and larges are common during pregnancy. But why do they happen and how to tackle them when they tend to harshly interfere with the sleep cycle and daily life?

We asked the leading gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri about the stuffy nose during pregnancy. With her input, we answered all the common questions about this topic in today’s blog here. Read to know the answers:

Why stuffy nose is severe during pregnancy?

A stuffy nose occurs in almost 50% of the cases and it tends to spoil the sleep cycle in 100% of the cases. It usually starts between 2-7 months and becomes severe as the woman approaches the due date.

“We often believe a stuffy nose to be a sign of sickness and pregnant women fret at the thought of its impact on the baby. But a stuffy nose is not a sign of sickness but a symptom of a common condition called Pregnancy Rhinitis.”, says a lady gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri.

Pregnancy Rhinitis – Cause of Stuffy Nose:

Pregnancy rhinitis is an inflammation of mucous membranes present in the nose linings. This inflammation also coincides with the enlargement of nasal veins and increased blood flow to the nasal passages and this results in full-blown cold-like symptoms which doesn’t seem to go away.

People who are often affected by allergies caused by pollen, fungi, moulds, dust mites, pets, and cockroaches also suffer from this condition. Smoking also tends to increase the risk of Pregnancy Rhinitis. High levels of estrogen, high fluid levels in the body, and elevated secretion of human growth hormone during pregnancy are also found to be the potential causes of Pregnancy Rhinitis, according to the gynaecologist in Mumbai Dr Neelima Mantri.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Rhinitis:

Symptoms of Pregnancy Rhinitis are similar to that of hay fever and they include running or congested nose, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes. Since Pregnancy Rhinitis is not cold, it is not caused by bacterial or viral infection so it is not contagious.

Pregnancy Rhinitis: Treatment for a stuffy nose during pregnancy:

Since most of the symptoms of pregnancy rhinitis overlap with other conditions like hay fever, cold and other infections, the first in the treatment of pregnancy rhinitis is to identify whether it is the same condition or any other. After the condition is diagnosed right treatment is recommended based on the aetiology of the condition.

If the allergens are the cause of the condition, limiting the exposure is the first step towards treating pregnancy rhinitis. Nasal irrigation is often suggested to clear out air-borne allergens. Saline nasal sprays are also another way to relieve the symptoms. If the symptoms are persistent, each of them is managed individually with eye drops, antihistamines of medicated nasal spray.

“The stuffy nose and other symptoms may not directly impact the health of the baby. But the loss of sleep does impact the health of the pregnant woman which in turn can influence the health of the baby. So one must never ignore any condition that might impact one’s sleep cycle and general health. If you are pregnant woman suffering from a stuffy nose, water or itchy eyes and any other symptoms mentioned above we suggest you lady gynaecologist in Mumbai Dr Neelima Mantri as soon as possible: