Adolescent Gynecology: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Adolescent Gynecology: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
0 26 April 2022
Adolescent Gynecology: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

A gynecologist is a medical healthcare professional, educated and trained to practice in case of medical conditions related to gynecology. They diagnose and treat gynecological conditions and also advise couples planning a baby or matters relating to pregnancy, fertility, birth control, and childbirth.

All women have to see a gynecologist at some point of time in their life. Apart from matters relating to childbirth and pregnancy, a gynecologist also assists women dealing with several health issues. These issues include but are not limited to menstrual cycles, irregular periods, heavy menstrual bleeding, spotting in between periods, no periods, vaginal pain, infections, STDs, and confusion regarding safe and unsafe ways of sexual intercourse.

A gynecologist is a person who understands the female reproductive and gynecological health and in case of difficulties, they provide the needed help.

A lot of women find themselves struggling with period-related problems. While some women experience irregular periods, some struggle with excessive or heavy menstrual bleeding.

Both, irregular and heavy bleeding causes great discomfort to women but heavy bleeding can be more disturbing since it can get in the way of normal day-to-day activities for women. Heavy menstrual bleeding also leads to blood loss, making women feel weak and irritable.

Is heavy menstrual bleeding normal?

No two women experience the same kind of periods. Every woman’s menstrual flow is different but there is a threshold to define “normal” and “abnormal”. Though it is not possible to measure the blood loss, if your heavy bleeding is affecting your day-to-day activities then it is considered not normal.

Wearing a sanitary napkin for too long can lead to rashes, skin irritation, and infections. To avoid this, women are advised to change their pads every 7-8 hours. If your pad is completely wet, you should change it as soon as possible to avoid leakage and staining. A pad normally takes around 6-7 hours to get soaked completely.

But if you need to change your pad too many times, let us say, 8-9 times a day, then it is indicative of heavy bleeding.

The Best gynecologist in Mumbai suggests seeking medical help soon if you are experiencing problems related to menstrual bleeding.

When should you consult a gynecologist in Mumbai?

You should immediately consult a gynecologist if you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms mentioned below.

  1. Frequent and recurring periods- if your periods are back before time, it is time to consult a gynecologist.
  2. Spotting in between periods- some women experience spotting in between two cycles. Sometimes, spotting can be a result of some contraceptive methods and it is normal in that case. But if you are not taking any contraceptives and experience frequent spotting, consult a gynecologist.
  3. Abnormally heavy bleeding- if you are experiencing abnormally heavy bleeding, heavy enough to disrupt your day-to-day activities then it is time to consult a gynecologist.

The Best lady gynecologist in Mumbai examines your body and conditions of illness and suggests precautionary as well as preventive measures accordingly. Heavy bleeding and periods problems can be caused by many factors like genetics, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle causes, eating habits, and contraceptive methods.  A gynecologist will help you deal with your problems effectively.

Dr. Neelima Mantri is the best gynecologist in Mumbai. She is well qualified and experienced and her non-judgmental attitude helps patients discuss their problems freely with her.