Adnexal Torsion: Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment

Adnexal Torsion: Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment
0 24 January 2023
Adnexal Torsion: Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment

Adnexal Torsion is a complex and uncommon reproductive problem where the ovaries or even fallopian tubes happen to get twisted. This unintended twisting of these reproductive organs cuts off the arterial blood supply to these organs and may even result in the death of the tissue and, permanent infertility.

“Prompt treatment is necessary to stop the death of the tissue and stop the serious problems it can trigger. However, Adnexal Torsion symptoms are mostly non-specific like other reproductive problems”, says the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri.

So how is Adnexal Torsion identified and treated to prevent further problems? With the inputs from a female gynaecologist in Mumbai Dr Neelima Mantri, we tried to answer these questions here. Read on to know:

What is Adnexal Torsion?

Twisting of the ovaries along with fallopian tubes is called Adnexal Torsion as mentioned above. Ovarian Torsion is when only ovaries get twisted and fallopian tubes are spared. Both conditions can block the blood flow to damage the tissues of these reproductive organs and hence they are considered surgical emergencies.

Adnexal Torsion is mostly experienced in women of reproductive age. But it also can happen in infants, adolescents, post-menopausal women and even during pregnancy”, warns female gynaecologist in Mumbai Dr Neelima Mantri.

Adnexal Torsion Causes:

The causes of Adnexal Torsion are not exactly known. The smaller relative size of the uterus or looser ligaments that connect the adnexa to the pelvic wall or uterus are some of the hypothesized reasons for Adnexal Torsion. But there are certain risk factors which may increase the risk of Adnexal Torsion:

  1. Increased use of hormones that trigger ovulation
  2. Enlargement of ovary due to cancerous or non-cancerous tumours
  3. Pregnancy (yes, sometimes pregnancy may also trigger Adnexal Torsion)

Adnexal Torsion Symptoms:

The sudden onset of several abdominal or pelvic pain is the common symptom of Adnexal Torsion.  This pain may or may not be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and illness.

Diagnosis & Adnexal Torsion Treatment in Mumbai:

The symptoms of Adnexal Torsion also occur due to a variety of reproductive problems and this makes it tough to diagnose without an extensive process.

An individual blood test or imaging study may not be sufficient to diagnose this condition. Diagnostic laparoscopy is the only trusted way to identify this condition. The laparoscopy along with all other types of diagnostic studies is performed before confirming Adnexal Torsion.

Upon identifying an emergency surgical treatment is prescribed to unblock the blood supply, fix the twist and prevent further damage – the entire procedure can be done laparoscopically. Sometimes, the mass that is causing the torsion is removed at the time of the surgery and a second procedure is followed up to ensure the mass is completely removed the problem is fixed once and for all”

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