5 Most Commonly Observed Mood Swings During Pregnancy

5 Most Commonly Observed Mood Swings During Pregnancy
0 27 February 2018

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in the life of woman. There is excitement and anticipation of parenthood. Pregnant mothers often find themselves in wide varying mood swings. From joy to irritation to weepy to stressed, the mood swings are normal and expected in the life of a would be mother. The mood swings would happen frequently and increase as the delivery date inches closer. There are some commonly observed mood swings during pregnancy and are elucidated below.

  • Depressed Thoughts:

The thoughts and mood swings are influenced by the release of hormones in the body. hey alter the release of neurotransmitters from the brain leads to various changes in the body. Being unsure about pregnancy is pretty common and depressed views lasts for some time before being vanquished. If it extends for couple of days more, consult the doctors.

  • Feeling Lost:

There is time when you will lose track of time and activity. You will keep on holding a bedsheet in hand while roaming across the house. This is the moment to relax and allow other people to take care of the household activities. Time to unwind and listen to some music.

  • Irritable and Angry Mode:

Even at rest, the amount of energy spent by a pregnant woman is same as that of an average male doing mountain climbing. shifting centre of gravity causing your spine to curve excessively in pregnancy also lends anger to one. So it is quite acceptable to be irritated by minor stuff and prepare to hit at someone. No issues, take a rest and let someone handle the household work.

  • Cleaning Spree:

A mother instinct to clean everything for the baby arrival and the anxiety worsens your need for cleaning the house exhaustively. Allow someone to handle the cleaning issues and you can supervise it with a handkerchief over your mouth. Be safe all the time during pregnancy.

  • Sudden Food Cravings:

At midnight, you might feel a craving for delicious or ice creams and it would be irritable if you don’t get it. It is what we call food cravings and that too sudden. It is fairly common for pregnant woman to have a sudden impulse for a particular kind of delicacy and your loved ones would be too happy to get it.

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