4 Simple Diet Tips to Improve Female Fertility

4 Simple Diet Tips to Improve Female Fertility
0 17 December 2019
4 Simple Diet Tips to Improve Female Fertility

Fertility is the ability of women to conceive and undergo a successful pregnancy to deliver a healthy baby. Give a woman is healthy, her age and genetics are the two most important factors that influence this ability. Unlike age and genetics which cannot be changed, diet is another crucial factor that can impact the fertility of a woman.

Making fertility-friendly foods an essential part of the diet and sticking to healthy lifestyle choices can improve the fertility of healthy women by a fair margin, according to Fertility Researchers at Harvard.

Yes there are certain foods that can increase fertility in females. And here we have come up with 5 simple fertility diet tips that you can maintain for a long-term to improve your fertility, read on:

  1. Don’t Miss The Fish:

Be it in men or women, nothing helps fertility as much as Omega-3 fatty acids do. Consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids is not only proven to improve the quality of the egg but also helps decreases the chronic inflammation-related fertility problems, improves the foetus’s development and reduces the risk of preterm delivery.

Fish are the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids available in the market and it is advised to consume at least two to 3 servings for the week (200-300 grams).Regarded as one of the best foods to improve fertility in men and women, the fish are too good to miss out.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Your Dairy & Poultry:

The deficiency of Vitamin B12 is one of the most common problems faced by women who find it difficult to conceive. Abnormal ovulation, underdevelopment of the egg, implanting difficulties of the fertilized egg are some of the infertility problems caused by the Vitamin B12 deficiency. And the dairy and poultry products like milk, eggs, and chicken are some of the foods which can reduce the risk of this deficiency while also providing the essential protein required for the healthy development of the foetus.

  1. Never Leave out Green Leafy Vegetables:

Iron is considered a fertility booster for its ability to improve fertility in women, support healthy menstruation and egg development. Folate is a crucial nutrient that helps in the optimal development of the baby during early pregnancy. Antioxidants insulate the sperm and eggs from the free radical to improve fertility. Green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Kale, and lettuce are packed with all these three nutrients and many more which improve your fertility significantly.

  1. Cut Down The Trans Fats:

Trans fats that are generally found in hydrogenated vegetable oils, the main ingredients in fried, baked and processed foods. These unhealthy fats negatively impact the insulin sensitivity, raises the risk of ovulatory infertility and also aggravates other infertility causing medical conditions. Given that our snacks are most plunged in these Trans fats, it is high time you replace them with fruits and vegetables, nuts and lentils.

The above tips are not only simple but also can be easily blended into your regular diet to improve your fertility. In case you are still facing the fertility problems after following a well-balanced diet, it is possible that an inherent medical condition can be easily solved with little medical helps from expert fertility specialists. If you are in Mumbai and are looking for Best Gynaecologist or Fertility Specialist in Mumbai, you can contact here: Dr. Neelima Mantri