4 Reasons Why Women Should Never Skip the Postpartum Care

4 Reasons Why Women Should Never Skip the Postpartum Care
0 26 March 2020
4 Reasons Why Women Should Never Skip the Postpartum Care

The memorable journey of pregnancy drastically transforms the body of women. It is quite remarkable how a woman’s body adapts to the demands of the pregnancy along the way. And the transformation mostly rewinds and restores during the first six weeks after the baby is born. This is the first six weeks post the delivery is called a postpartum period which is most crucial for the healing of the mother.

As the baby is born, it is quite natural that the baby’s health becomes a centre of focus. And everyone tends to forget that this period is crucial for women too. Add this shift of focus to the sleep deprivation, doctors’ appointments, late-night baby feeding, pees, poops, and the fear that accompany at every hiccup, suddenly women feel like there is less time to take care of their health.

A woman is at her vulnerable-self post-pregnancy and here are the five reasons why postpartum care is an un-skippable step for women to post their pregnancy:

Physical health:  A woman’s body undergoes a significant transformation at a rapid pace during pregnancy. Most of the changes that happen may take time to restore or sometimes persist and cause further problems. The gynaecologist performs a complete examination of these problems to help women return to the best of the physical health in a short time. These postpartum visits also give women a great opportunity to discuss common post-pregnancy problems like bleeding, breast pain, swelling, discharge and other problems that they may encounter post-pregnancy.

Emotional wellness: Pregnancy mentally pushes a woman to a place where she hasn’t been ever before. While she already been through a mentally debilitating pregnancy journey, the post-delivery anxiety can further complicate the thought process. Add this to the ‘baby blues’ symptoms experienced by the new mothers, postpartum mental disorders can arise which needs to treated as soon as possible. Gynaecologists can help with the screening process and also offer ‘Postpartum psychosis treatment care and counselling’ to improve the mental health of women post-pregnancy. If you are living in and around Mumbai and are looking for a postpartum care session in Mumbai, you can contact Dr. Neelima Mantri Mumbai.

Diet post-pregnancy:  A woman’s body undergoes significant changes during and after pregnancy. Though she gains weight during pregnancy which helps in recovery and breastfeeding, a woman’s hunger cycle may change and she needs a well-balanced diet to keep herself healthy and active for her baby. With the new addition of new family members, most women do not focus on their food habits which do not help the situation. A gynaecologist helps you plan a simple and effective diet plan that can help you refuel yourself without you having to look over your shoulders.

The spacing of birth and family planning: Now that you have completed the first part of the journey, question loom in your mind about family planning, birth control ad family planning. Birth spacing is one of the most important topics around for it also is related to the health of the next one if proper space is not maintained between pregnancies.  Every couple has their own set of their preferences which makes it mandatory to seek the opinion of the specialist gynaecologist to make the right decision

Postpartum care is a critical way to restore your health post-pregnancy and if not handled right there could be serious repercussions in the future. If you are skipping it for the sake of your baby’s health you are only making it even tougher for your baby too. Dr Neelima Mantri is the Best Female Gynaecologist in Mumbai who has helped hundreds of women successfully navigate the postpartum period and can help you too. You can contact her Call@ +917045115577