Reasons Why Laparoscopic Surgery is Better Than Open Surgery

0 24 August 2018

No matter how big or small the procedure is, it is completely normal for the patient to feel anxious and stressed before undergoing a surgery. Most of their tensions revolve around the pain factor and recovery time which largely depend on the type of procedure chosen. Although the ultimate aim of these different procedures remains the same, the process remains different. Take Laparoscopy and open surgery for example. Though Open Surgery has been around for decades, Laparoscopy is found to be the most efficient in terms of recovery with a minimal amount of risks. So what is Laparoscopy and how is it better than Open Surgery? Let us find out: Open Surgery: Open surgery is a traditional method of surgery where a large incision (10 inches) is made by the surgeon using the scalpel and then the surgeon uses his instruments to perform surgery. Having a large incision may result in more pain, higher risk of complications, a lengthy recovery and hence longer hospital stays. Laparoscopic Surgery: In contrast with Open Surgery, Laparoscopic surgery uses a very small incision in the abdomen or pelvis cavities to carry out the procedure. A Laparoscope, i.e. a thin instrument with a video camera at the end of it is inserted into the small incision to give the view of the organs inside and the image is projected onto the screen for the surgeons to carry out the procedure. Reasons why Laparosc

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When a menstrual cycle is not normal and regular, it is a disorder. Every woman’s body is different in own rhythm of menstrual cycle. Variations in menstrual cycle are perfectly natural. For an ideal woman, next periods end at 28 days but also a normal cycle lasts anywhere from 21 to 35 days and lasts between 3 to 5 days. A timely menstrual cycle is a good indicator of her overall health and well-being. Every lady will face the menstrual problems once in her lifetime and it is important to understand basic information on menstruation, the reasons behind irregular periods and how to deal with them. There are three types of menstrual cycles:

  1. Anovulatory bleeding (absent and irregular periods)
  2. Ovulatory bleeding (prolonged periods)
  3. Dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain)

Although this is a natural phenomenon, there are many causes for the disorders. Uncontrolled diabetes, adolescence, hypothyroidism, eating disorders, pregnancy are some of them which can be mentioned. Common Causes of Menstrual Irregularities: Stress: Yes, stress triggers menstruation. It may cause disorders but not the lone cause. Excessive nerve-racking can out your digestive system into trouble, apart from menstrual period. A condition known as secondary amenorrhe

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You probably might think that you know everything about sex by the time you are pregnant. But you may have landed up with several queries and doubts on Sex During Pregnancy. Here we have curated some basic doubts and given a solution. So keep your baseless fears aside and have fun with the partner, spending more time with your spouse makes you even more happy and it is good for the baby. Might not or really be in a mood: It’s obvious for a woman to experience changes in sex drive during pregnancy. Remember that your wife’s body is building a baby from scratch and it takes a lot of energy. The extra doses of progesterone supply to her blood makes her sleepy and tired all the time. Don’t offend her just because she is not active. Likewise, don’t be surprised the times when she is really in mood than ever before and wanted “that time” back on the bed. She is super active in sex because of the same hormones which increases the blood flow and making her ready for it. Even scented perfumes, after shave lotions can drive her crazy. You won’t hurt your baby: The tot is well protected inside the mother’s fluid-filled amniotic sac. Thanks to those protectors! So do not worry that your baby will be hurt while you are busy enjoying the pleasure. Woman

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Dr. Neelima Mantri is the best doctor for laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery in Mumbai. She is the best gynecologist and obstetrician in Mumbai. There are some Complications after laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery. Basically, a hysterectomy is a surgery for the deportation of a woman’s womb. This also stops the menstrual cycle in women and the ability to become pregnant. In some cases, this treatment is life-saving and important to improve a woman’s quality of life. For example, women who have uterine cancer may need to remove the uterus. Regardless of the type of treatment used, hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure with the probability of several complications. According to Dr. Neelima Mantri, there are the following Complications after laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery: Infection – infection are some of the most common complications. The Infection generally occurs at the top of the vagina. While infections normally respond to antibiotics, but sometimes surgery be required to treat the infection. Blood loss – the average blood lost at the time of hysterectomy operation is ro

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There are several menstrual problems occur in female. And the treatment of menstrual problems is also available. Dr. Neelima Mantri gives the best Menstrual Problems Treatment Mumbai. She is well known doctor for menstrual disorder treatment in Mumbai. Basically, Menstruation is the regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from inner lining of the uterus through vagina. It is also known as Periods or Monthly. Menstrual cycle occur due to the rise and fall of hormones. This process is necessary for the women’s to become pregnant. Without menstrual cycle, It is no possible for women to get fertilize. There are so many problems occur in menstrual cycle. Some of these are heavy bleeding, irregular periods, painful cramps, light or infrequent menstruation. Most of the menstrual problems can cure by proper advices and treatments. Dr. Neelima Mantri works on many successful cases. According to her, some of the menstrual problems are:

  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS): It occur one or two weeks before your period begins. It is so uncomfortable. You may experience differ symptoms every month some of these are food cravings, headaches, backaches, anxiety, mild stomach cramps, feelings of stress and so on.
  • H

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There are many Gynecologists for Infertility Treatment in Mumbai. Some of these are Dr. Neelima Mantri, Dr. Ashish, Dr. Sangeeta Agarwal and much more.  But to choose the best one for your treatment is a very difficult task. Among all Doctors, Dr. Neelima Mantri is the Best Gynecologist for Infertility Treatment Mumbai. Basically, Infertility is a situation in which a female is unable to give a birth to a child. It is a condition of the reproductive system that prevents the conception of the children. There are many reasons behind infertility problem. Some of these are infrequent menstrual period, damage of fallopian tubes or uterus, ovulation or problem with the cervix, a history of pelvic infection, women’s age of 35 or more or sexually transmitted diseases known as fibroid or endometrial polyps, know male factor semen abnormalities etc. There are one third of the cases are due to problems with women, in a third of cases the problem occurs with the male partner, and the remaining cases are due to a combination of both males and female factors. But proper treatment of infertility can give a chance for a couple to become a parent. Infertility should be investigated early to avoid its irreversible as ageing of the female partner reduces the probabilities of pregnancy. According to Dr

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Here is a list of List of Best Laparoscopic surgeon Mumbai. There are many Laparoscopic Surgeons in Mumbai. Some of these are Dr. Neelima Mantri, Dr. Ashish and much more. But Dr. Neelima Mantri treats the best among all doctors. That’s why her name is listed under the List of Best Laparoscopic surgeon Mumbai. Dr. Neelima is the best laparoscopic doctor in Mumbai. She performs many successful laparoscopic surgeries. Along with laparoscopic treatments, she is also an expert in gynecology and obstetrics treatments. She is a successful gynecologist and obstetrician. Dr. Neelima completed her under graduate degree from the reputed tertiary care referral center in India, K.E.M. King Edward Memorial Hospital at the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. She completed her master’s degree from the Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences from where she began h

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There are various Laparoscopic surgeons in Mumbai such as Dr. Neelima Mantri, Dr. Ashish and so on. Dr. Neelima Mantri is the best Laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai. That’s why her name comes under the list of Top 10 Laparoscopic Surgeon Mumbai. Dr. Neelima performs many successful cases. She has a rich experience of over 10 years in her field. Because of her result oriented advice, co-friendly nature and good patient care behavior makes her best doctor in sight of her patients. Basically, Laparoscopic surgery is a modern method of surgery which uses a laparoscope. Laparoscope is a thin fiber optic tube in which a small video camera is connected on its tip. In laparoscopic surgery, your surgeon will make a small incision of approximately 0.5-1 cm in your skin. And then inserted laparoscope through this small incision into your body and guided the problem area. After that your surgeon inserts other instruments through small incision to perform further procedure. The laparoscope or the video camera transmits an image of the organs inside the abdomen onto a monitor or screen. The camera becomes the surgeon’s eye in any laparoscopic surgery. The laparoscopic surgery is more beneficial as compared to an open surgery. In an open surgery, surgeon has to make large incision to perform a surgery but in

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There are many laparoscopic surgeons in Mumbai. One of them is Dr. Neelima Mantri. She is one of the Best Laparoscopic Doctors Mumbai. Along with Laparoscopic surgeon, she is also specialist in gynecological treatment and Obstetrician treatment. Till now, she performs many successful surgeries. She has a rich experience of over 10 years in her field. She completed her under graduate degree from the reputed tertiary care referral center in India, King Edward Memorial Hospital K.E.M. at the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. She completed her master’s degree from the Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences. Basically, Laparoscopic surgery is a surgery which referred to as minimally invasive surgery. In Laparoscopy Surgery, Your surgeon makes a small incision into your belly; insert a thin, lighted tube put through that incision into the body which helps to look at the abdominal organs or the female pelvic organs. Laparoscopy is used to find problems such as adhesions, fibroids, cysts and infection. Laparoscopic surgery is done through very small incision so they are more beneficial than open surgery. In an open surgery, more amount of blood is wasted as compared to laparoscopic surgery. There