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Vomiting can take off your energy and leaves you in a miserable state, the scene is even worse during pregnancy. Vomit is common during pregnancy, but there are ways to reduce it. Read on to follow the best and super- easy home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy. Hydrate: As puking dehydrates the person, sipping water in regular intervals of time make a lot of difference. Intake of sufficient water flushes the harmful toxins out of the body and stop vomiting. Studies proved that drinking water clears 90% of the health issues, apart from vomiting sickness. Mint: Chewing fresh mint leaves whenever getting sensed or about to vomit will help the lady in sickness issues. The menthol flavour in it soothes the stomach and avoids further occurrences of vomiting. Ginger Ale: Ginger has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties by nature and it is one of the best herbal medicines to cure any disease. The smell or the flavour itself helps to get out of the nausea. Prepare a can full of ginger ale solution and take few sips throughout the day. Baking Soda: Yeah, you read it right!! Baking soda neutralizes the acids that have risen during and after vomiting. Rinse your mouth with the solution to get rid of after taste of puking. Rice Water: This is a tip from the older generation.

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Motherhood is full of surprises and struggles. One of the common problem faced is digestion. Many pregnant women complain that there are suffering from watery bowel movements immediately after few hours of taking a meal. And this leads to misconception of miscarriage. Constipation, watery stool, diarrhea are very common symptoms during various stages of pregnancy, especially in earlier trimesters. What causes it? Diarrhea can be caused by many factors. Diet changes, vitamin intake, hormonal changes, food addictions are to be blamed. The reasons can be many – letting out all the good-for-you food that you are eating now, excess water intake, prenatal vitamins that you are taking. Besides these common concerns, food poisoning, intestinal parasites can cause a severe diarrhea for the pregnant woman. What to take? Stay Hydrated: It is important to stay hydrated in every level of the life. Loose bowel moments remove lot of water from the body, take as much fluids as you can. Diarrhea is not harmful in most of the cases, but severe dehydration of mother can hamper the blood flow for the baby. BRAT: The famous BRAT diet – banana, rice, applesauce, toast. It is highly recommended because it is gentle on human’s stomach. Starchy Foods: Potatoes, crackers, cereals can be taken in limits. Vegg

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Gone are the days when a would-be mom asked to sit, eat and avoid doing activities. Now all the myths have busted, engaging in physical activities is utmost important for mama and the baby. On the guidance of fitness experts, the workout plan should be tailored according to the type of exercise, intensity, frequency and duration. Dr. Neelima Mantri, Female Gynaecologist in Mumbai, advises that a mom-to-be should exercise, hence, it reduces high risks during labour and post pregnancy. It is common to have discomforts like morning sickness, vomiting, but moving around is one of the best things for mummy and her little one. It helps you to control pregnancy weight gain and keep you in good mood all the time. Here are some of the best moves to be done during first trimester. To Plank: The first few months are fragile and feels scary for everything and anything. But it is proved that pregnant lady can and should still work out. Planks target abdominals which cuts the aches and pains. Do not go with the hard-core plank positions, start with a modified and the easiest on the hands and knees. One-Arm Row: Place left knee on sturdy chair and another on the floor. Place your left hand on the seat for a support. Lift weight (not heavy) with the right hand, keep moving back and forth to strengt

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Joy, relief, shock – the let-out emotions when you know that you are pregnant. But it is also important to realize that this period is a roller coaster which shows the worst your body can do. The most common symptom of early pregnancy is morning sickness; this condition is called so because morning is often the time when you feel queasy.  According to Dr. Neelima Mantri, Gynaecologist in Navi Mumbai, being pro-active is the first thing to escape nausea.  Very few women are fortunate throughout the pregnancy without a single bout of nausea, but some women (more than 65% across the world) are unlucky. There is no particular pill to completely cure nausea, but there are remedies to cure it. We give you some clean and effective remedies to help you from the queasiness experience. Stay Hydrated: Most pregnant women complaints that they find it hard to drink water especially in the first trimester. But keeping hydrated is as important as taking some good medication. Try to consume any kind of water-type liquids, avoid drinks with artificial sweeteners. Sip water in regular intervals of time throughout the day. Natural fruit juices and flavoured water are the alternatives to try. Ginger: Take ginger in any type. It is one of the most popular home remedy ingredients for morning sickness

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Every day is a new and mystifying adventurous during pregnancy. As a tiny precious life is building up in your bodies, they may be some uneasy and complications during the time. It is up to us to take proper care and be aware of what happens. Dr. Neelima Mantri, one of the best Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Doctors in Mumbai, advices you what should be done on which trimester. First Trimester (1 – 13 weeks): The first weeks are the vital time for the establishment of the baby. Your body will be busy building the baby and will grow faster in this stage than later on. Activities:

  1. Make sure you are really pregnant. Do not conform just by symptoms, because these aren’t unique to pregnancy. Go for a home tests or an official one by a doctor.
  2. Take prenatal vitamins. Consume folic acid capsules which helps in the heathy development of foetus.
  3. Should begin searching for a doctor.
  4. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol because it raises miscarriage problems.
  5. Start eating healthy foods and avoid hazardous foods.
  6. Thing about how to announce your pregnancy and start taking belly photos.

Second Trimester (14 – 26 weeks): You look more plump t

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The real work begins when the baby is on the board. For the past nine months, you have been anticipated for the day, which is finally arrived. Now, a mom is in her full time job of guarding and feeding her tiny one. What, how, when to feed the baby are the most common puzzles for the new mother, however there is a vast information available in the internet on breastfeeding benefits for mom and baby. Breastfeeding is considered one of the most nutritious supply for the babies and also profits the mothers. The American Academy of Pediatrics and WHO declared that the breastfeeding has numerous benefits for both mother and child. In such a wonderful procedure, the busy mom and her little human being may experience some discomforts. Here we give some guidelines on how to protect you and your darling while breastfeeding. For Mom: By Food: Eat proteins: Build up your protein portion in the daily food. A new mom needs to consume 71 grams of protein every day. Chicken, eggs, dairy products and salmon fish are the immediate protein blocks available in the market. Veggies and fruits: Definitely a large portion of green vegetables and fruits should be included in your food intake as it the best source of fiber. They protect the mother from the cardiovascular diseases. Carbs: To resume your work or restore

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Pregnancy is filled with mixed intense feelings of excitement, fear, love and doubt. It is not necessary to have sciencey skills to study the changes in your body, all to do is to strictly follow some health tips for the healthy labor. There is lot more information in the internet on the guidelines for pregnancy, but here we take the first ten vital health tips. Start Your Day Off Right – Obvious, but most important point for everyone. A health and a.m. meal sets the energy and satisfy your appetite for the unborn’s proper growth and development. An ideal breakfast should not include cereals, fruit juices, white bread. Best foods for pregnant ladies anytime is eggs, museli and a serve of veggies. Sleep Like A Baby – According to National Sleep Foundation, pregnant women need to relax more than in usual time. Pregnancy complicates the sleep cycle by nausea, heartburn, leg cramps and snoring. So, it is important to learn relaxing by sticking to a schedule, taking small naps, not to work in late during later stages.  Sleeping on your left – Another key point to be noted by everyone, train yourself to sleep on your left side as it helps to flow the nutrients to the fatal. Soak Up Some Sunshine – Even though some studies show that the pregnant women should avoid hot sun, sufficient Vitamin D will radically cut the complic

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In the process of having a baby on board transforms your body in every way – from head to toe. Pregnancy comes with many wonderful symptoms as well as weird. Spotting, miscarriage and swelling of feet are well known difficulties during pregnancy. But there are other less common disorders that may be harmful to the mother and the unborn. If it is the case, consult any of the Mumbai’s best gynecologist as early as possible. One of those rare complications is itchiness. Is it driving you mad? Not to worry, you are not alone, mild itching is common during pregnancy and there are reasons for it. Blood flow What’s going on – During the early stages of pregnancy, i.e.; up to 6 months, the itchiness is very normal. This is due to increased flow of blood and as the tummy grows bigger and bigger, the skin becomes dry and stretches out consequently to accommodate the baby. What to doThere are no specially followed remedies as the symptoms are very common, but maintain healthy diet and light exercise once a day. As the belly blows, wear loose clothes and apply skin moisturizers, cocoa butter to maintain the regularity. Try avoiding harsh soaps which reduces the natural oils of the body. Hormones What’s going on – Just like we blame hormones for even a

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Back ache is one of the common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. The naturally grown weight and change in the posture, as the bump grows bigger, causes back pain in the pregnancy women. Most pregnancy women likely to feel pain in the lower back and uneasiness in the upper back, shoulders and the ribcage. Refer the best female gynecologist in Mumbai for the further assistance in the pregnancy difficulties. Expected moms have to deal with complaints from sickness to swollen feet. But they can be easily relieved with a very few changes in our routine. Posture – Focus on posture and how you move about – stand straight and tall. Try not to cross your legs while sitting on a chair. Get up and move around for every subsequent timing to get fresh air. Exercise – Like it is mentioned in the previous blog, gentle workouts will help you in many hitches. Walking and stretching on regular periods relieves you from back pain. Acupuncture – A traditional Chinese medicine stimulates body points and relives low-back pain. Aromatherapy – A warm, relaxing bath with a few drops of essential oils (which suits you) eases the pain of back ache. Stretching – Stretching out the whole body is a quick yet effective remedy for the back pain. Heat –

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Pregnancy is a beautiful and special time for the wife and her husband, and the rest of the family. However, it is the most crucial and the most amazing part of the woman’s life. She needs to be take care of, both physically and emotionally. She must receive attention at all times and her problems are first world problems during that time. Everyone needs to make efforts to keep her satisfied, mentally and emotionally happy and needs to make her feel comfortable at all times. It is a delicate time when the mother’s body is fragile so extensive care must be given. What Foods to Eat During Pregnancy? There are certain practises that the mothers can adopt during pregnancy that can prove to be highly effective later. Eating right is certainly one of the more important factors. Pregnant ladies are not allowed and should not indulge in whatever they feel like. There are certain food and diets that they must restrict themselves to. These are highly nutritious and rich in essential minerals. These are needed in pregnancies. Some of the foods that the pregnant mother can have or indulge in are listed below:

  1. Eggs– Great source of protein, eggs are a crucial part of your staple pregnancy diet. The amino acids help in the formation of protein in your body and your child’s body. They contain a lot of minerals and nutrients including choline (e